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Gris-Gris Posts Dos Mas

Jay Udall & Katherine Conner keep adding ingredients to their New Orleans literary gumbo. This time from me two family-related poems from a new manuscript. The first one, about my late brother, , and the second about my mother, who passed about two months before my brother. Both poems take some literary license w/ the facts, but both cleave to emotional truth.

With Prolific Joe Bruchac in Saranac Review

I received my contributor’s copy of the literary journal out of SUNY in Plattsburg, NY, Saranac Review. It  includes two poems of mine, “Firebug!” and “Uprising.” Both refer to racial injustice in this country. “Uprising” is an ekphrastic poem based on Susan List’s painting “Four Arts,” that I saw in a small museum Palm Beach, FL when I was there for a workshop a few years ago. I was happy to see my friend Joseph Bruchac’s two poems in the magazine as well other poets of note, such as Laurie Sewall, Aimee Sands, and Ricardo Pau-Llosa.  I didn’t know Joseph was so prolific; his bio note says he is the author of “over 130 books in many genres.” The rest of us have some catching up to do.

Surprise Posting of Two Poems in Commonweal

Michael Theune, author of Structure & Surprise, informed me that the renown Catholic journal, Commonweal, posted two of my poems in its online edition. I had not known that “Unraptured” and “Visitant” were online, although I had previously received my contributor’s copies of the print edition.  These poems are both about my late mother, one imaginary, the other, a “real” experience.

Reading at Albuquerque Gallery

I’m very pleased to be invited to read at Onyxswan Gallery on July 14 at 6 and 7 pm (two 15-20 minute readings). The event is an opening for a show by pastel painters Jane Shoenfeld and Katherine Irish called Abstractions in Nature. I will be reading some poems about painting as well as selections from my forthcoming book Previous Lives. The gallery is located at 323 Romero Street NW, Suite 1, in Albuquerque (505-243-1393).