The massive catfish thrashes

flower vase slides across table good god
wave wall breachescontainment
operators wade into

rumor drifts over official denialsinfallible
leave your petsrain on tea plants

failed to extinguish
melted through the floor
isotopeswithin twelve kilometers
tumorspolitical connections
power lossprayers
to the Goddess of the Hearth

fishing banradishes recalled
lacking back upregret that
regulationsremain calm
mothers’ milkpumped sea-water

emission unintendeddosage unknown
half-lifeloose teethquarantined
white blood cellssoft-shelled turtle
refrain from eating

not to panicspent fuel rods
hot spotspressure build uppress release
cesium discharged into the sea

deliberate ventingunplanned
uncertain exposureradium

authorityresigned in disgrace
damaged marrowrebuilt cooling tower
rice sproutsreactor re-start

Almond blossom offeringFinned God of Tsunamis

Algonquins Planted Salmon, Red Mountain Press

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