Water For You

Water Memories

“Water Memories” © 2011 by Jane Shoenfeld
we have dug a lagoon
and stocked it with peepers mangroves and moss
We have dreamed the bayou
teeming with alligators
and have rushed from our sleep with full bladders

For you we’ve plumbed statues with copper tubes
and placed them in basins of blue tile
For you the camel’s hump
the mirage of waving palms
the mirrored cluster of tents

For you a minute menagerie
swims within the ladle
and the shifting pavilions of clouds
For you the rudder yardarm
and the paddle wheel

For you the stone for washing clothes
and the song of washing
For you we have hewn the boats of horse troughs
and have forged the fetching pail
For you we have ringed the rainbarrel

The tunes of reed flutes are yours
the avenues of aluminum flumes
and the circles of green seen from the sky
For your arrival the thunderbird
crows from a pole

while the drums and the dance
mark your absence
For you we would suckle the cactus
For you this cylinder of glass
was burned from sand

so we could kiss

Published in Yarrow

reprinted in Algonquins Planted Salmon, Red Mountain Press