Excerpt 1 - Water For You

panel from gridscape “Water For You” © 2011 by Jane Shoenfeld
“Ghazal,” “In Pastel,” “Song of the Carpet Moths,” “The Weight of a Painting” in January 2023 Bristlecone.

Repost of “Rights” in December 11, 2022 Verse Daily.

“Settlement” and “The Papal Broom” in September, 2022 Bristlecone.

Review of Breaking Down Familiar by Jennifer Levin, Pasatiempo, September 23, 2022.

“Abundance,” “How We Came to Speak Succinctly,” “Last Speakers of a Language,” “Splashed by a Bus” in Mudlark, Poster No. 186, 2021

“Book of Lost Connections” in Vol. 21, 2019 Cedar Press Review.

Review of Any Song Will Do in November 2020 Arts Fuse.

Family Caregiver Wellness Retreat Website

“Church Fire Escape,” “Paperweight,” “Return to Nauvoo,” “Toad Mountain Migration” in Fall 2020 Ginosko, #25.

“Apple Tree–My Son Enters Recovery” in Spring/Summer 2020 Valparaiso Poetry Review.

“Narcissus at Christmas” in July 13, 2019 Verse Daily.

“Small Things” in Fall 2018 American Literary Review.

“Sounds Within the Widow’s Walls” in Winter 2019 Gris-Gris.

“Reverend Golf” in Winter 2019 Gris-Gris.

Reprint of “The Great Plains in Fog” in Shining Rock Anthology, Summer 2018

Coverage of Poems with a Turn Workshop posted in June 19, 2018 Structure & Surprise blog.

“Unraptured” and “Visitant” in September 7, 2017 Commonweal.

“The Martyr’s Cell” in Winter 2018 issue of Gris-Gris.

“The Great Plains in Fog” in the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 issue of Valparaiso Review.

“The Kingdom of Ignorance” posted in Sage Green Journal.

The Summer 2017 Tor House Foundation Newsletter posted in PDF format which includes “The Notebook.”

“The Notebook,” winner of the 2017 Tor House Foundation’s Robinson Jeffers Prize, posted on the Foundation web site.

“Terrorists” posted among prizewinners in Hunger Mountain‘s April 2017 edition.

“Drought” posted in April 2017 issue of Midway Journal.

“Desecheo Proving Ground” in Fall 2015 issue of Midway Journal.

New England Book Festival announces Coltrane’s God Runner-Up for their annual contest in Poetry.

“Sorry” posted in the Fall 2016 issue of IthacaLit.

“Advance Directives,” “Spring Calling,” “Toast,” “The Water the Light,” and “The Well in Colonel Arthur’s Yard” posted in the 18th issue of Ginosko Literary Review.

“No Compass” published on Halvard-Johnson BlogSpot.

Repost of 2008 Academy of American Poets Forum, including poem, “Spider.”

Dragon Poet Review posts “Trains in Marlow, Oklahoma” in Summer 2016 issue (go to page 49).

Two Hawks Quarterly posts “Accidents of the Holy Family” in June 2016 issue.

The Drunken Boat publishes an essay, “The 2001 W. B. Yeats International Summer School,” and two poems, “Sligo Morning” and “Carrowmore Passage Tombs.”Santa Fe Literary Review publishes “Newspaper” in 2015 issue (scroll to page 169).

Santa Fe Literary Review publishes “Morning After the Sweep” in 2014 issue (scroll to page 132).

Santa Fe Literary Review publishes “The Great Joke” in 2013 issue (scroll to page 36)

Santa Fe Literary Review publishes “Before the Blues Blues” in 2010 issue.

Santa Fe Literary Review publishes “City” in 2009 issue.

Santa Fe Literary Review publishes “Overhead” in 2008 issue.

South 85 Journal publishes “Donations” and “Waiting for the Repo Man” in Spring/Summer 2015 issue.

Gris-Gris publishes “A Night in Tunisia” and “Fiddle Fest Contestants” in its Winter 2015-2016 issue.

IthacaLit publishes “After Hours” and “Talking to the Octopus” (Fall 2015)

Jennifer Levin reviews Coltrane’s God in the 12/11/15 Pasatiempo

Prize-winning poem in Literal Latté

Michael Scofield reviews The Water Leveling With Us in Stirring

Benjamin Myers reviews The Water Leveling With Us in All Roads Will Lead You Home

Denise Low reviews The Water Leveling With Us in her writers’ blog

Bill Kohlhaase reviews The Water Leveling With Us in Pasatiempo

Kirsten Bosnak reviews The Water Leveling With Us in New Letters

Vladislov Frederick reviews The Water Leveling With Us in American Microreviews & Interviews

Announcement of winner and runners-up for 2015 Mark Fischer Prize

IthacaLit: “August Gentleman” and “Cajon Maestro”

IthacaLit: “Waiting at the Refuge” and “Flies in the Tropical Dining Room”

IthacaLit: “Thrust Reversal” and “Visitation”

Red Mountain Press announces Donald Levering’s 11th poetry book, Algonquins Planted Salmon

Together Yes, “The Water Leveling With Us”

Together Yes, “Tractor Trailers on Interstate Highway”

Miriam’s Well: Poetry, Land Art, and Beyond, April 24, 2010, “3 Questions for Donald Levering

Poets for Living Waters, poem “Lines Written under Thirteen Thousand Pounds per Square Inch”, September 14, 2009

Ad Astra Project, September 14, 2009, poet feature and reprint of “Spider.”

Chelonian Conservation and Biology, “A Need”

The Pedestal Magazine Issue Ten: Jun-Aug, 2002: “Boy–Reprise.”

The Drunken Boat Summer, 2001, publishes “The Other Half” and “Questions for the Millennium.”

Horsetail review by Bill Sheldon, 2000

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