Poem Casts Spell on Author

So on March 6, 2021 I’m looking at my records and notice a poem acceptance date in June 2019 from Cider Press Review. The record doesn’t say what the title of the poem was. I have no luck finding a contributor’s copy of same and have no recollection of that journal ever accepting a poem. So I sheepishly write the editor/publisher, Caron Andregg, and ask if she can confirm or deny accepting a poem of mine in June of 2019. She responded graciously with a link to the poem that was lost to me. “The Book of Lost Connections” is a narrative prose poem in which uncanny events transpire and a book by that name belonging to the speaker is returned by his ex-wife. My almost totally losing track of this accepted poem seems to me to be the doings of the poem itself; this is, it cast its spell of lost connections on me. By the way, for those who insist on reading autobiography into work not identified as such, none of the events in the poem with the speaker’s ex-wife have anything to do with real experiences with my ex-wife and she is blameless for my lost connections.