Pudding Poetry Farewell

My contributor’s copy of Pudding Magazine’s 71st issue came in the mail this week. My poem in it, “Hipbones of the Patriarchs,” goes back many, many revisions and about 25 years since I first drafted it. The partnership of my poetry with Pudding House publications goes back even farther. By my count, I have now published 10 poems in 9 issues of Pudding beginning in 1995. Besides those individual poems, Pudding House published two of my chapbooks, The Fast of Thoth in 2002 and Mr. Ubiquity in 1997. The current editor, Connie Willett Everett, identified issue 71 as the last one; she’s closing shop. She inherited Pudding House from Jennifer Bosveld, who founded Pudding House in Ohio in the 1970s. Connie moved the operation to Florida about fifteen years ago. Thanks to these hard-working editors who kept this publishing enterprise flourishing for so many years.