13th Edition of I-70 Review Arrives!

Happy was I to find in my black mailbox my contributor’s copy of the 13th Edition of the I-70 review! This Kansas City, Missouri-based magazine, is edited by Gary Leichliter, Greg Field, and my friend, Maryfrances Wagner, who also did the surreal cover art collage.  This edition is chock full of my poet friends. There’s prolific Walter Bargen, Woodley Press’ Al Ortolani, and, from Emporia, Kevin Rabas (currently serving as KS poet laureate). Also, poems by William Sheldon, who edited my book Horsetail, and his talented son, Tyler Sheldon are included.  Alarie Tennille from The Writers’ Place is in it as well is my BGSU MFA program classmate, Phil Sterling. The poems of mine in this journal are atypical–one is a prose poem, one is about leaf-cutter ants with a veiled reference to the moving forest in Macbeth, and the 3rd has purple lemurs and clueless scientists.