Ensconced in Wallapa Bay Residency

I’m a little over a week into my month-long artist residency at Wallapa Bay, Washington. To say it is a nurturing place for quiet writing would be an understatement. My whole-hearted thanks is due to the Founding Director, Cyndy Hayward, whose vision for a generous yet unadulterated aesthetic experience is perfectly realized in this gorgeous environment. Also kudos to Operations Manager Jeff McMahon who shepherds us, and to our beyond-words chef Darice Grass.  I am also blessed to share this experience with five other dedicated artists whom I am honored to get to know.  They include filmmaker Jeannette Louie, novelist Carin Clevidence, sculptor Dan Price, journalist Camas Davis, and Deirdre Lockwood, who a defies single-word description as she writes poetry, fiction, journalism, and is an oceanographer.