Ecstatic Ekphrastics Workshops, May 22-June 12, 2021 (4 Saturdays) 10 am -1 pm


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People have enjoyed reading and writing poems about art at least since Homer. Though usually it concerns visual art such as painting, photography, or sculpture, ekphrastic verse extends to music, drama, dance and architecture. Ekphrasis may take on famous works by Rembrandt or your niece’s kindergarten drawing. It may address the artist, speak to a character or object within the work, portray an idea, or imagine a new narrative for the art work.

In this workshop we will survey ekphrastic poetry companioned with beautiful and strange art. Examining master ekphrastic poems by poets past and present, we will explore strategies for writing ekphrastic poems. Each session will have time and instruction devoted to participants generating their own ekphrastic writing.

After paying here, registrants will be contacted with information to join the sessions and will receive generous packets of resource materials that will include more than can be covered in the four sessions. You are welcome to join even if you cannot attend all four sessions.