Astrologer Waiting for a Train

Hermaphroditic Standing Stone No. 4

“Hermaphroditic Standing Stone No. 4” © 2011 by Jane Shoenfeld
Just me and the galaxy of fruit flies in the basement
when I came to remembering the dream
      where my horse fell and rolled over me
      breaking every bone
and I woke with my face frozen on one side

The last I remember was the vinegar smell
and the net of fruit flies
turning blackberry sugar to sluggish flight
      then the horse groaning
and my cries funneled through half of my face

My lover has turned from my grimace kisses

Can this half moon of a face
be trusted to speak the future
Me with the smirk for a smile
Star struck soothsayer alone in a depot

And when I tripped on the cobblestone
and fell beside the old well
again the dream replayed
      with the groaning horse rolling over me
      cracking my bones

And I remembered coming to in the basement
inside the knitting of fruit flies
my face gone Picasso

Once with confidence I read the stars
Once my smile was pleasing to myself
Now a chartless star has seized
one side of my face
at the station where strangers

keep looking away

      for Kathleen Burt

Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders
reprinted in Whose Body, Sunstone Press