An Explanation

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Elizabeth's View

“Elizabeth’s View” © 2011 by Jane Shoenfeld
They say that clouds weigh tons.
How they stay high
is how humans,
heavy with thoughts,
keep from sinking
right through the ground.

Sometimes people quit thinking
and float, maybe in a lake
that’s fast evaporating and
replenished by springs,
and the thought
of all that circulating water
is why there is rain.

The thoughts become
worries, the worries
burdens, and drop
by drop the sky
and people wrinkle
with worry
or with washing stains,

as the big wheel
of rain and evaporation
and the day becomes
unbearably bright,
like the clouds weighing tons,
being light.

Published in Pudding

reprinted in Algonquins Planted Salmon, Red Mountain Press